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Bei Interviewanfragen, Lesungen und alle anderen Fragen zu meinem Buch “Sprache und Sein”
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It was around 3 or maybe 4 in the morning after a long journey, climbing and hiking, when we finally sat down on top of the mountain Nemrut. We sat down to watch the sun rise, lighten the dark, announce itself through sparks and light shadows, grow and warm us – like so many of our kind before us. It was probably the most magical moment of our trip through the East of Turkey, a trip that made me discover another face of my country, another face of mine.

In a slightly quicker timelapse I would like to share with you a moment that happens every day, everywhere around the world. But it’s beauty lies in your eye, in your heart.

Music: The Cinematic Orchestra – First Light

journalist, columnist and author of this blog. a turkish-german muslim juggling politics, feminism, cyberculture and life between germany, istanbul, oxford & the world.


  • November 25, 2013


    subhanAllah!!!! als würde die sonne geboren werden. danke!

  • November 27, 2013



    “ich wünsche uns den Mut der Morgensonne,
    die jeden Tag von neuem über dem Elend dieser Welt aufgeht.”

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