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There are thoughts in my head seeking ways to be heard & seen. I started drawing a lot recently. But still, there are so many thoughts unshared, for different reasons. Sometimes I fear it’s incompletion:

After all, aren’t all our thoughts, whether we consider them complete or not, just a state of mind? Aren’t we in constant change, revising and rethinking who we are, want to be and what we think is right? Or at least: Shouldn’t we aim to be in constant development? Being full of energy and ease – full of energy to develop ourselves; full of ease about our flaws and imperfection. Aren’t we just on our way anyways? We will never be complete. And not even death will bring this to an end.
But it is us all who neglect our imperfection. We – as a whole – don’t give each other the freedom to be a traveller on the path of change.

(an excerpt from “Thoughts On Their Way”)

Sometimes simply because I didn’t know I have had this thought. And sometimes because I didn’t have the courage to write it down. Hence this year I have decided to share a thought with you, words, sometimes clear and meaningful, sometimes maybe not so much – every Friday for a year. I decided to write them on my Turkish typewriter not because it looks nice (which I believe it does) but because I don’t want to care about spelling, grammar, structure of the sentences, I want to write carelessly and just let the thought flow without me looking back at it and editing it until it has become something different. I might write in English, in German or Turkish, depending on my mood. I want the thought to be out there, naked, incomplete and vulnerable. Sometimes wrong, silly and even dumb. But at the end of the day it’s a moment I’ve lived. A thought I found worthy to share with you.

journalist, columnist and author of this blog. a turkish-german muslim juggling politics, feminism, cyberculture and life between germany, istanbul, oxford & the world.


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