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A few months ago, I had the honour to speak at TEDx Oxbridge in Oxford. When I thought about what I’d like to share most, what lessons life had given me and what had touched me most, I decided on “The Power of Stories.” After years of debating, political and social activism, I came to realise that although these are important and essential tools for a healthy discourse, there was something more important to me, something more powerful: stories. A lesson taught to me by a man I have never met.

As the talk went online yesterday, I was and still am overwhelmed by the wonderful and beautiful e-mails, comments & words from family, friends & strangers all around the world. My husband Ali and I are currently traveling through the East of Turkey, discovering new stories, new worlds & lives. What a beautiful place this world can be.

And I’d like to thank Him, my family & loving husband Ali, Niraj & the rest of the awesome TEDx Oxbridge team, my supportive friends (you know who you are)  & maybe most importantly: All the people not only I have met, but who have also met me, who have opened the doors to their lives and stories, made me wander around their world and see through their eyes. Although I might never have truly understood how it is to be them, never fully grasped what I saw through their lenses, walking in their shoes made me walk past horizons I didn’t even know existed. Thank you.


PS: On Fb, I had promised to share a juicy behind-the-scene-story about elephants & bicycles. Here we go!

journalist, columnist and author of this blog. a turkish-german muslim juggling politics, feminism, cyberculture and life between germany, istanbul, oxford & the world.


  • August 21, 2013

    Ann Cathrin

    war da nicht noch was, das du erzählen wolltest, was vor Deinem Auftritt passiert ist? :D

  • August 21, 2013


    you are fascinating my dearest kübra! you can transform emotions in words so perfectly, that I am almost thinking, how can she feel so much like me!!… you are my translator of all my being here in Germany, growing up as a muslim teenager with my turkish background and becoming later an activist for muslim germans. And now I am already curios and looking forward of your writings when you become (and I wish you that, as this is another chapter of life ;) a mother and a lady in her 40s as I am now! May Allah gives you a long life and cheers which you share with all of us!

  • August 21, 2013


    Liebe Kübra, ich finde du hast einen tollen Auftritt hingelegt – du bist witzig, charmant, selbstbewusst und liebenswürdig, obwohl ich dich überhaupt nicht kenne, aber du machst stark den Eindruck. ;)

    Deine Begeisterung für das Erzählen ist in sehr positivem Sinne ansteckend. Ich glaube auch an die Macht von Geschichten, deswegen schreibe ich sie auch. :)

    Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg für deine weiteren Arbeiten&Projekte.

    Liebe Grüße

  • August 26, 2013


    Well done and absoluteley cute my dear sister :). Barakallahu fieki!

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