Kübra Gümüşay

c/o Hanser Berlin – Lehrter Straße 57, Haus 4, 10557 Berlin

Büro betreut von Julia Obermann

Bürozeiten: dienstags 9.00 – 13.00 + donnerstags 9.00 – 13.00

Bei Interviewanfragen, Lesungen und alle anderen Fragen zu meinem Buch “Sprache und Sein”
hilft Ihnen gerne mein Verlag weiter:

Hanser Berlin

Thomas Rohde
thomas.rohde@hanser.de, +49 30 252 948 015


You walk into a newspaper building in another part of the world, Bahrain, open up the archive of 1971 and there he is: Elfis Brisley. You giggle. And then you stop. You think.
You thought you always knew but you never truly grasped: Histories happen simultaneously. Histories interact.
And traveling is the act of leaving places and histories behind. The act of interfering in another history, creating a new kind. And it, again, makes you appreciate a truth you thought you always knew but never truly grasped: You’ve never been everywhere. You’re constantly missing out. Time goes by unforgivingly everywhere.
And your road is just one of 7 billion other roads.

journalist, columnist and author of this blog. a turkish-german muslim juggling politics, feminism, cyberculture and life between germany, istanbul, oxford & the world.

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