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Bei Interviewanfragen, Lesungen und alle anderen Fragen zu meinem Buch “Sprache und Sein”
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Hanser Berlin

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Dear readers of this blog,

this past year has been a difficult one for me (as it was for many others). I saw hate grow, hateful people occupy our public agenda, rise into power and I fear that more is to come.

I grew tired, tired of responding to hateful people.
I got sick, sick of watching hate dictate our lives.

So I chose to react on my terms. Live my life on my terms.
As pathetic as it may sound to some:
I have chosen to organise LOVE.

A former intellectual cleaning lady

PS: To read more about organised love, go on organisedlove.com

PPS: Thanks to all of you for your overwhelming support & love! I truly appreciate it and do not take it for granted…

journalist, columnist and author of this blog. a turkish-german muslim juggling politics, feminism, cyberculture and life between germany, istanbul, oxford & the world.


  • January 13, 2017


    Danke, Kübra. Ich heule auch grade, nach deinem Video, und weiß gar nicht genau warum. There’s something.

    • January 29, 2017


      Kübra, i love u!!!! Ur sister from beautiful eastern Germany! amira ;-)

  • February 11, 2017


    Liebe Kübra, danke für deinen TedTalk, der mich nach wie vor sehr berührt. Ich habe gerade auch dein Interview mit Krauthausen gesehen. Ich finde der Ansatz “Organisierter Liebe” ist in Zeiten wie diesen (und überhaupt) so sinnvoll! Ich bin dabei! :) Du bist eine Inspiration für mich. Viel Kraft dir und solidarische Grüße <3

  • July 25, 2017


    Sevgili Kübra,
    Great work! I have been following you on the internet for months now. I am really impressed with your ideas and how you express yourself. I am a literary scholar and currently working on a post-doc proposal on contemporaryiterature. Is it possible that I contact you via email to ask you a few questions? (if yes, I am guessing you will see my email in this post, please just send me a short email so I can have your contact details) Thank you very much in advance and please keep up what you have been doing! Z.

  • June 20, 2020


    Großartig und wunderbar – so richtig und wichtig!

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