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You walk into a newspaper building in another part of the world, Bahrain, open up the archive of 1971 and there he is: Elfis Brisley. You giggle. And then you stop. You think. You thought you always knew but you never truly grasped: Histories happen simultaneously. Histories interact. And traveling is the act of leaving places and histories behind. The act of interfering in another history, creating a new kind. And it, again, makes you appreciate a

  Traveling teaches you to give, to love and to move. It makes you give love and move your love. Travels give love to you and move you around the world. Travel. Give. Love. Move.  I love coming home, relishing the steadiness and then slowly discovering how those stories you've heard, people you've met, experiences you've had, pop up in your mind. Ready to be written down. Or put together in a short film. I have had

Sometimes I keep some thoughts to myself, because I feel they aren’t complete. Such as this one here. It’s been almost a year when I first wrote this thought down. But then I left it as a draft. It hasn’t made its way to the outside world. But this time it will make its way. Even if I feel it’s incomplete. After all, aren’t all our thoughts, whether we consider them complete or not, just a state

I don't find football games particularly interesting. Sometimes I get a little enthusiastic, but this year during the UEFA Euro 2012 (EM) I managed to escape most matches. The reason is: There is something else I'm superduper enthusiastic and excited about: Zahnräder has the chance to win 10.000 Euros from Vodafone Foundation!  Zahnräder is a non-profit organization and a network of young Muslim social entrepreneurs from all over Germany - that I co-founded in 2010. This opportunity

one of the countless awesome dialogues (edited screenshot from "twelve angry men"). It was the title that prevented me from watching this movie for all those years: Twelve Angry Men. I could only think of boring adventures by pseudo-heroic action figures. At one point I bothered researching the movie and realised that it might actually be interesting. Twelve jurors are about to file an 18-year-old Mexican-American, guilty of murdering his father.

Sometimes, to your surprise, black becomes white.Sometimes it is you that has changed and not the world.Sometimes your heart is that does not see beauty.Sometimes, to your surprise, white becomes black.Sometimes it is the world that has changed and you are who has stayed the old, the same.Sometimes your mind is that does not see beauty.Sometimes seems so meaningless- unless Always and Never leave you.drawing (by me) inspired by paolo viviani.