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Insanlarin dil algıları herzaman ilgimi çekmiştir. Kelimeler ile kurduğumuz dünyalar birbirlerinden bazen cok farklı anlamlar taşıyabiliyor. Birisine önemsiz, digerine dünyayı anlatıyor aynı kelime. This week's thought is about our perception of language - how we build our own worlds through words, worlds that are profoundly different from one another. Sometimes one word doesn't mean anything to one, but the world to another. / I know this one has been delayed. It's been a superbusy week, that keeps

I know I'm not the first to discover this. I know that there have been loads of other women, minorities & "social climber" who have experienced and reflected on this. But I feel, you have to go through it to truly understand it. It is the fear of arrogance, of becoming someone you never wanted to become, that has always stopped me. But you will never not be in danger of arrogance. It is a

Writing this thought down, I felt the need to do it in German. It is about those times in which you eagerly work towards a certain aim, whilst knowing that you'll have to wait for that change in your life. You know it'll come one day. But it's not there yet. Hence you continue with your life the way it is. And all of the sudden you fear: What if I, whilst waiting, forget what

There are thoughts in my head seeking ways to be heard & seen. I started drawing a lot recently. But still, there are so many thoughts unshared, for different reasons. Sometimes I fear it's incompletion: After all, aren’t all our thoughts, whether we consider them complete or not, just a state of mind? Aren’t we in constant change, revising and rethinking who we are, want to be and what we think is right? Or at least:

I was holding my tongue. Trying to ignore the #Mipsterz (≈ Muslim Hipsters) debate, hoping it would be over soon. Frankly, how long and intensely could the Muslim community (mainly in the US & some Western European countries) possibly discuss a two minute video about some Muslim fashionistas in the US driving skateboards, motorbikes, jumping and posing on trees? But it continued and continued and got worse

It was around 3 or maybe 4 in the morning after a long journey, climbing and hiking, when we finally sat down on top of the mountain Nemrut. We sat down to watch the sun rise, lighten the dark, announce itself through sparks and light shadows, grow and warm us - like so many of our kind before us. It was probably the most magical moment of our trip through the East of Turkey, a

Ramazan'ın her günü için şartlandırdım bu sene kendimi, bir saniye bile olsa kısa bir çekim yapacağım. Bazı zamanlar sahura kadar aksıyor, bazı günler çekip çekip doyamıyorum. Yine en güzel görüşmelerin, gezilerin bir çoğu kayıtsız kalıyor çünkü onlara kamera lensinden değil bizzat kendim şahit olmak istiyorum. Böylece bu hatıralarla dolu güzelim İstanbulumuzun Ramazan videosu oluştu. Hoşgelmiş. This year I decided to record at least one second a day during the month of Ramadan while wandering through the

A few months ago, I had the honour to speak at TEDx Oxbridge in Oxford. When I thought about what I'd like to share most, what lessons life had given me and what had touched me most, I decided on "The Power of Stories." After years of debating, political and social activism, I came to realise that although these are important and essential tools for a healthy discourse, there was something more important to me,

Und dann stand es fest. Ich würde fortan eine Kolumne in der taz führen. Panik brach in mir aus. Eine Kolumne in der taz, einer deutschen, bundesweit erscheinenden Tageszeitung – und die sollte ausgerechnet ich schreiben, eine junge Deutschtürkin, muslimisch und noch dazu mit Kopftuch. Ja, klar. „Schreib von dir, erzähl aus deinem Leben, deine Gedanken“, sagte der Ressortleiter. Ich hörte nur: „Schreib von der muslimischen Community, erzähl aus deren Leben, deren Gedanken.“ Wie eine kleine