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The last couple of weeks have been intense, I was working a lot and did not have time to write my thoughts down on the typewriter, they were left in my notebook. Finally, this week, I will be uploading three thoughts. Thought #10 is about kindness. I used to decide if someone was good and kind based on how that person treated me. But with years I realised, that it was more important how they treated

Insanlarin dil algıları herzaman ilgimi çekmiştir. Kelimeler ile kurduğumuz dünyalar birbirlerinden bazen cok farklı anlamlar taşıyabiliyor. Birisine önemsiz, digerine dünyayı anlatıyor aynı kelime. This week's thought is about our perception of language - how we build our own worlds through words, worlds that are profoundly different from one another. Sometimes one word doesn't mean anything to one, but the world to another. / I know this one has been delayed. It's been a superbusy week, that keeps

I know I'm not the first to discover this. I know that there have been loads of other women, minorities & "social climber" who have experienced and reflected on this. But I feel, you have to go through it to truly understand it. It is the fear of arrogance, of becoming someone you never wanted to become, that has always stopped me. But you will never not be in danger of arrogance. It is a

Writing this thought down, I felt the need to do it in German. It is about those times in which you eagerly work towards a certain aim, whilst knowing that you'll have to wait for that change in your life. You know it'll come one day. But it's not there yet. Hence you continue with your life the way it is. And all of the sudden you fear: What if I, whilst waiting, forget what

There are thoughts in my head seeking ways to be heard & seen. I started drawing a lot recently. But still, there are so many thoughts unshared, for different reasons. Sometimes I fear it's incompletion: After all, aren’t all our thoughts, whether we consider them complete or not, just a state of mind? Aren’t we in constant change, revising and rethinking who we are, want to be and what we think is right? Or at least: