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Dear readers of this blog, this past year has been a difficult one for me (as it was for many others). I saw hate grow, hateful people occupy our public agenda, rise into power and I fear that more is to come. I grew tired, tired of responding to hateful people. I got sick, sick of watching hate dictate our lives. So I chose to react on my terms. Live my life on my terms. As pathetic as it may

It's been more than four years since we first started our journey of constant travel, exploration & discoveries. We have now embarked on the most exciting part, watching this world as if everything was novel, mystical & yet to be comprehended. Through the eyes of a little boy

Last year, the Georgetown Universities' Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs hosted a conference on Muslim Minorities & Religious Freedom, featuring some of my favourite people and teachers such as Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and John Esposito - a true honour to be allowed to speak along those brilliant minds. I enjoyed discussing the situation in Europe with Jocelyne Cesari (Berkley Center) and Maajid Nawaz (former LIB Candidate, UK), moderated by Jennifer Bryson (Zephyr

A few weeks ago (23rd of May 2014), I was debating at the Oxford Union along with i.a. Myriam Francois Cerrah & Adam Deen opposing the motion "This house believes Islam is incompatible with gender equality." We won the debate with great results: 166 opposition : 51 proposition! I was waiting for the audio recording to be released, but that doesn't seem to happen anytime soon. So, here we go, this is the transcript of my

I haven't had shared thoughts for a few weeks now due to travels & work. This week's thought is about living love. I believe, you can't live love without giving up your ego, your pride. Yes, a good relationship involves a lot of work. But it's work mainly on yourself, on your ego. It is your struggle to become a better person. One thought every Friday for a year #15 | 50

Who are you, digitally? We present ourselves differently on every social media platform - they highlight another feature of our life and character. Each platform has its own rules and norms we adjust and comply to - to their stars, topics and dynamics. It is fascinating how different kinds of people flourish and become influential on each platform. People with seemingly interesting lives will float Facebook, if words are your strength you'd go for Twitter and Instagram

And you are humbled by the gratitude you are granted to feel deep in your heart. - This is for a number of dear friends who allow me to be part of their pursuit and journeys. I am grateful for every second they share with me. I hope to be there for them in their darkest and brightest moments. I am not with my friends every day. I am not with them every week. Sometimes not for

The last couple of weeks have been intense, I was working a lot and did not have time to write my thoughts down on the typewriter, they were left in my notebook. Finally, this week, I will be uploading three thoughts. Thought #10 is about kindness. I used to decide if someone was good and kind based on how that person treated me. But with years I realised, that it was more important how they treated